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the best around

the best in the world

look at that basket of fries.

just look at it.

now, i've talked about burgers + fries before. but these are different. these fries here are without question the best fries i've ever eaten. 

do other places make good fries? 


but for me? these little shoestring guys served fresh + hot are my number ones.
_ _ _

let's look once more

just perfect!

any time i find myself in charlottesville [which is becoming somewhat of a tradition for me and the boy] i stop here first.

these fries are from a little place called riverside north and trust me, i'd link if they had a website. 

there are two locations in charlottesville. the one we went to is newer. the original location in downtown charlottesville gets good yelp reviews, but you'll just have to trust me: go here if you're in town.

after a 2.5-hour car trip, i wanted a drink to go with my burger.

and let's talk a minute about this guy. i always get the single cheeseburger. always. this time i was so hungry i got two. oops. 

the boy likes to order the double cheeseburger, but i prefer one patty. 

you can get any combination of standard condiments, but i go with my classic set up: lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, ketchup and mustard.


you can see that these burgers are pretty thin with a nice crispy fried edge. 

[i'm honestly starting to drool]

_ _ _

i've been going here for years now + can't recommend it enough. the service is fast, the vibe is low key and the food is always hot and delicious.

check this place out + see for yourself

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