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cold and grey

friday night in takoma
my go-to necklace. goes with everything. 
pot roast craving = satisfied 
salt cellar | i love this thing
outside the hirshhorn 
here's 38 tons of rebar for ya
another view
sangria in the cold weather? why not.

this past week of weather perfectly illustrates why people hate winter. 

cold and wet. grey. gloomy.

after the holidays are long gone, we're still faced with nearly three full months of winter. 

and it starts with you, january.

and even though march can still bring the pain, it just sounds better than january and february to me.

_ _ _

we made the best of this weekend though: hung out with some good friends, checked out some art (free and not outside!), got some good food.

hope your weekend went well, too! 

1 comment:

  1. that pot roast looks so good. and the first rebar pic is awesome.