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it's all in the details

starting a new series today for two reasons:

first, i used to take pictures a lot more and i really miss it. 

the other reason? 

just an excuse to show off the city some more. dc's so beautiful.

while my 'love for the city' feature focuses on the big reasons why i love this town (the dogs, the fall leaves, the call boxes to name a few), this one will get down and dirty with the details.

a stop-and-smell-the-roses ode to the district, more or less. the little things we see every day, but may not stop to notice.

_ _ _

the subject of today's first post is probably obvious, but whether you love or hate how dc reacts to cold weather, you can't deny that freshly fallen snow is a thing of beauty.

check it.

i took these this morning while i was out shoveling our sidewalk--a first for this new homeowner. i was an apartment dweller from 2004-2011 so having to deal with the sidewalk is something new.

stay warm, guys!

i'll have more details to share soon.


  1. I'm so excited for these posts, I just moved to the area and have such a love for DC!

    The Daily Distraction

  2. I love the snow on the wrought iron gate. DC is full of those great little architectural details - looking forward to more posts!

  3. awesome! i'm so happy you guys love it. i can't wait to put more up!