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buying basics: part II

a few months ago, i started talking about how to approach shopping for basics.

there's nothing sexy about shopping for wardrobe staples like black flats, but looking for something with a special detail makes it a little better.

i mentioned the other day that i've never owned a black coat, but there's a difference between a plain black peacoat and a black coat with some attitude.

i'd wear a black coat with attitude any day. 

the key is to look for teeny details that make the basics stand out in the land of boring. 

here's a visual example of what i mean:

asymmetrical hem | all-over leather detail

scalloped edges | leather trim

sequins | studs

my philosophy is that if you go with a black coat, try to find one with some style.

if you need help thinking of places to actually find said stylish/unique clothing, you can check out my posts about online shopping: part I and part II.

do i do this for all of my clothes?

nope. i own regular no-fuss jeans. and with something like a camisole, there's no real need for it to be special or detailed if you're just gonna wear it as an undershirt.  

but when i'm looking for something like a black dress or a black coat -- something that lots of people will also own -- i try to think differently.


  1. LOVE this post! it's SO true the little details are what matters! those grey sweaters are too fun! just came across your blog - it's too cute!


  2. awesome! thanks so much, taylor. glad you liked it!