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potw: yellow

i've never owned a black coat.

in the winter, when it's pitch black before 5 pm and some days, the sun doesn't even show itself, i need some color. i need to be that person in a bright blue coat. or, even better, a yellow one. (i own both.)

i'm always surprised at the lack people who chose brightly colored outerwear, but to each their own.

anyways, i'm off topic.

it's a warm winter day here in dc, but it's super overcast. it was like this yesterday too. so for today's press of the week, i thought i'd share some cheery yellow designs.

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(click through to purchase or view larger)

i love that the thank you card comes with a matching yellow envelope, too. it would be fun to get that one in the mail among a sea of white.

_ _ _

looking for more letterpress goods? check out my press of the week series here. a new potw is posted (almost) every monday.


  1. I got a pink coat in J.Crew's sale - maybe that will brighten my grouchy winter mood? :)

  2. nice! it can't hurt!

    every year, i tell myself that i'm going to get one of their coats during the final sale days, and i've yet to do it. i'm excited you got one.