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neat and tidy

 i hate clutter. it makes me nuts.

this includes cluttered storage. i want it packed away neatly in a non-see-through box, said the obsessive organized lady.

but i've never really had a great way to store wrapping paper. the few rolls i had around the house were corralled in a corner of a seldom-used closet. but the ends always got a little marred up and the paper tends to wrinkle a bit, making it look a little sad. 

over the break, i decided to find a clean-looking way to store wrapping paper. it took me page after page of google image search results before i found one that appealed to my need for neat. but i eventually found it through tina jay's photography blog . 

her solution met all my aesthetic requirements, plus it was majorly cheap and installation was simple. i had to do some sleuthing to find out exactly which ikea products she used, but armed with an iphone screenshot and an extra set of eyes (thanks, boy), i found what i needed.  

check it out. 

 i used a different basket than the original post, but the idea's the same. 

it was incredibly difficult to wedge myself into the teeny tiny basement closet to get a good shot, but i think you can get the idea.

i also added a clip to the bottom of the rolls to keep it secure. and you can see on the red snowflake roll, i actually have two clips at the top. that one was a little heavier than the rest.

the lower rack holds gift bags, gift tags, tissue paper, ribbon and tape.

i only bust out the wrapping paper a few times a year, so it's nice to have it out of the way  and wrinkle-free until i really need it. and i love how you can see everything all at once. 

this took us about 10 minutes to set up. leveling the bars probably took the longest time, but i'm really digging this.

so long, closet floor. 

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