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kitchen tips

i like to cook. 

some nights, i'm making it all from scratch. other times, i'm banking on that box of frozen chicken fingers in the fridge. it really just depends on my mood and what we have around the house.

but ever since i started grocery shopping like a champ, i've really tried to cook at home as much as i can. both because i like it and as a way to save a little money.

today, i wanted to share three quick kitchen tips that will make a world of difference in your home-cooked meals. 

1. torch your tortillas - i got this idea from watching the food network. i was more than a little skeptical about just plopping a tortilla directly on an open flame, but it's awesome. it gives you that yummy charred texture without adding fat. i will say that you really need to keep your eyes on it because it'll char up fast. i'm talking less than 7 seconds on both sides. and be sure to flip it with a pair of rubber tongs or something. safety first, guys.

2. add acid to your apples -- for me, acid usually means lemons, but limes and oranges will work also. and while the acid will prevent the apple from browning, it also adds a layer of flavor. baking an apple pie? making a cole slaw for fish tacos? hit it with some acidity to keep the flavors clean and bright.

3. salt your salads -- this one, i have only my grandma to thank. she's a little salt obsessed. as a kid, i remember laughing at how she would salt EVERYTHING--even her trail mix and salads. but grandma had the right idea. because adding a pinch of kosher salt to your dressed salads really boosts the flavor. i throw in pepper too to balance things out.

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