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dishwasher talk

one of my favorite things is to maximize efficiency whenever i can.

i'm a little nutty about it. doubling back, backtracking, taking more time than necessary, whatever you wanna call it, annoys me. 

isn't there a better way? 

so today, i wanted to share a small but effective tip today, courtesy of my husband. when he shared this little tidbit with me, i was shocked i never thought of it before because it's so...simple.

we're talking about loading and unloading the dishwasher here. specifically, the silverware.

check it out:

when loading the dishwasher (provided you have one; we didn't for YEARS), keep your silverware in separate compartments. that way, you have a grab-and-go situation when it comes time to unload.

done and done.

_ _ _

it's a super simple step, but for an efficiency nut like me, it's a win.


  1. This is such a simple, clever tip! Read it the other day (when your post popped up on my Google reader) and you've already changed my dishwasher stacking habits forever. My bf is down with it too!