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while we're all clicking around for sales working hard today, i'd like to recommend two local businesses i mentioned in the previous post: home rule and big bad woof.

big bad woof is just a few blocks away from the takoma metro station, and ever since we moved out of dupont and into our house, it's become our favorite place to shop for all things pet related. 

the shop owners are super nice (one of them lives two doors down from us!) and they're always ready to give lucy a treat while we're waiting to check out. 

if you're ever in this part of the district and have a pet you love (or maybe one you just love to spoil?), check them out. they have an awesomely large selection of stuff and you won't have to fight the crowds at petsmart.

_ _ _

home rule is on the other side of town. but it's been my go-to shop for years. and here's why: they have cool stuff. cool stuff that people will actually want.

i did some holiday shopping myself here this weekend and here's three reasons why i love them so much: 

need a hostess gift? pop in. have a friend who's super into food or wine? there's tons of foodie finds here. need a cool shower curtain outside of the bed bath and beyond selection? they've got you. need a gift for a office holiday party? yep.

it's a small store so there's no crowds or aisles to get lost in. they even have a little loyalty card for their frequent customers (ask for it at check out if you don't already have one!) you can also check out their blog for the newest additions and store updates.

PLUS, they're situated on 14th between my much-beloved standard and cork market, so even though i can't force you to do something, it would make for a pretty awesome day to pop in for a standard burger, go shopping at home rule, then pick up some wine for a relaxing night in.

oh yeah. 

shopping locally wins.

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