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potw: thankful

this year, i'm staying put for thanksgiving. no airports, no interstates, no bolt bus, no amtrak.

nope. just staying here in dc.

i've never been a person who mails cards for thanksgiving, but i'm thinking about changing that this year, since i won't be spending the time off with my family.

here's some ways to send your love through the mail, as well as a way to decorate your home and your thanksgiving dinner table.

to buy cards:

1. pressed in brooklyn

2. brown dog paper

3. fat bunny press

4. cotton flower press

to buy poster:


to buy place card:

fat bunny press
_ _ _

also, i know some people aren't in love with cranberry sauce, but i'm Team Cranberry all the way. that turkey's just no good without it.

safe travels and full bellies for everyone!

_ _ _

looking for more letterpress goods? check out my press of the week series here. a new potw is posted (almost) every monday. 

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