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little by little

when the leaves start to change, as much as i admire their brillant shades of red, orange and yellow, it's almost like you blink and they're gone. here in dc, the leaves stick around a little longer than cities farther up north, but it still happens pretty quickly.

every year, i tell myself that i'm going to pick a tree and document its progression to a fully leaf-less state. and usually, that doesn't happen. but i finally did it this year, and i'm excited to show you guys the results.

these pictures were taken from october 15 until november 5, with a few days missing for the time i was in florida for my brother's wedding (and subsequently got stuck there until halloween because of the superstorm). 

p.s. can you spot when sandy came through dc?

_ _ _

there's still a good amount of trees with some awesome color these days too, making my daily drive into work a bit more bearable.

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