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feels like the first time

i've blogged about this before, but this trick (method?) is just too good.

and too easy.

before i start, i should thank ted allen for changing the way i looked at day-old pizza. this is his idea; i just added the first step of microwaving it before adding it to the pan. it heats much more evenly that way. i've found that if you just plop the ice-cold pizza in the pan, the outsides heat up a little too fast and the inside can still be a little cool.

with that said, here's my go-to way to eat leftover slices.

i'm not gonna act like i don't enjoy a fresh-from-the-fridge slice of leftover pizza every now and then. but most of the time, this is the way i do it. it tastes so fresh. no rubbery crusts. just perfectly melted cheese, and warm, slightly charred crust. 

is it lunch time yet?

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