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crazy week

well, we missed sandy.

all of it.

thanks to my twitter addiction, i was able to keep fairly close tabs on what was going on back in dc, but it was strange being "stuck" in florida after our flights got cancelled. we were scheduled to fly out monday afternoon but didn't make it home until yesterday.

not complaining though. we got to spend a few extra days with some of our really good friends down there, and since work was cancelled back home, i didn't miss much.

my little brother's wedding was a good time. and it's so fun to see him so happy. never seen him smile quite so much, and i couldn't be happier for him and his beautiful new wife!

here's some pics from our trip and the trek back home.

pre-rehearsal dinner happy hour with the fam

at cocktail hour | a beautiful no filter florida sky

first kiss!

at the airport way too early | this book is really good so far if you're wondering

dc. always lookin good.

back to work | the commute

hope you all fared well in the storm, especially anyone reading this who might be in the ny/nj areas. some of the pictures i saw were just insane. 

i was also excited i made it to november without busting out tights on some of those cooler october mornings. once the real cold weather hits, you can find me in a pair of tights on a near-daily basis. but i really try to resist the urge to wear them in october. i love em, but by the time march rolls around, my legs are so sick of their sausage casings that pulling on those wretched things makes me want to barf. so as eager as i am for winter outfits, i try to hold off. 

happy november!

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