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cheap chic

i love shopping, but can't always afford to go all out with my purchases, especially this time of year when holiday shopping will soon take a big ol' bite out of the budget. 

but whether you're looking to add a few lounge around pieces or spice up your closet with a bit of glamour, you're in luck: these pieces are all less than fifty bucks. so if you're the mood to treat yo self to something new this weekend, here are some ways to add style to your closet on the cheap.

get cozy: hat | scarf | earrings | flats | sweatshirt | iphone case | nail polish

get glam: ring | shoes | polish | earrings | necklace (sold out now; similar) | top (now only $21!) | clutch

oh man. three big cheers for affordability, right?

have fun shopping!

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