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nj weekend

so i was up in new jersey this weekend to throw a shower for my sister.

it was nice. low key and fun. and she enjoyed it, which is all that matters.

here's some other weekend shots. even though it's tuesday. weekend recaps are still allowed, right? 

morning sun
yellow tree in georgetown
i think i may have to try this. or make some. 
shower supplies, waiting to be used
a beautiful late-fall sunset
shower time!

for some of us, it's a short week. so enjoy the extra time off if you have it.

i'm not traveling this year, and i'm pretty happy about staying put. 

bring on the feast.


  1. That sea salt maple butter looks amazing! There's no way I'll find that in the UK, so if please share the recipe if you do successfully recreate it at home!

  2. oh sure thing! i may see if i can make it work this weekend! thanks for stopping by :D