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june rules

if may is my favorite month, june is a mighty close second.

and this first weekend turned out pretty great, even if i did have to work.

baking more of these already
go see it
leaving campus after working during reunion weekend
lucy has a boyfriend for the week / dogsitting 

a meal too good to stop and instagram

 i also want to tip my hat to the amazing chefs at table. i've been talking about going there for months and months now and i'm so glad we finally went. 

i have eaten at a lot of places in my nine years living here, but i can say without question that this was the best meal i have ever had in dc. 

enjoy your week!


  1. So where did you see Frances Ha?
    Also, I really like the look of Table's site.

  2. at E street!

    and i love it too. i love any site that uses big pictures pretty much.