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let's play a game


so there's tons of splurge vs. save posts out there.

but if the price tags weren't there, would you be able to spot the splurge and the save?

i thought it would be a fun experiment.

obviously, if these options were sitting in front of you instead of sitting on your screen, this would be a whole different ballgame since you'd get to touch them, but using only your internet connection and your eyeballs, let's see how you do, shall we?

and no peeking!

did you make your guesses?

here are the actual retail values. 

bags: option a (sold out) similar | option b
bracelet: option a | option b
sandals: option a | option b
dress: option a | option b

were you correct?

whenever i'm looking at a magazine spread that has a bunch of different options for a current trend, i force myself to pick my favorite item without looking at the prices. sadly, almost every time, i have champagne taste and wind up liking the paycheck killer.

every once in a while, i like the budget item. go me.

but the good thing is that it's relatively easy to find something similar at a more reasonable price point with such a vast array of options available online and in stores. you're also probably the only one who will know how much you spent on it.

and if you need tips for making the most out of shopping online, check out mine here and here.

1 comment:

  1. This was so fun! I guessed 3 out of 4 right so we share similar champagne tastes haha. But this is such a great reminder that 90% of the time nobody can tell! Get that budget item and rock it :) I know I do!