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road trips and childhood secrets

this weekend, bob and i babysat our six-month-old niece, leah, while my sister and her husband had a little getaway weekend in vermont.

for some weird reason, babies seem to want a lot of attention and i wound up taking zero instagram pictures this weekend.

just this one on the way out of town on friday morning. 

you can see the suspicion in her eyes already.

"wait, there's gonna be another 19-pound thing vying for your affection? rude."

we had a good time though and had plenty of time to talk and just hang out as a couple. it was nice.

and i learned a deep dark secret about my husband: as a child, he was a VERY picky eater and he strongly preferred cereal to almost every other food out there. so much was his love for this crunchy breakfast staple that when his family had taco nights, he'd forgo the delicious seasoned meats and toppings and would instead load up his crunchy taco shell with....cap'n crunch.


and i thought i was a weird kid.

anyways, hope you all had a good weekend. i'm working on a roundup of our san francisco trip. pics coming very soon!

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