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dressing for the fourth

well, since this was in my head all day yesterday (who knows why), it got me thinking about the fourth of july.

here's a whole mess of red, white and blue items to get in the spirit of things.

and if you're local, these pieces would be pretty cute to wear to nats games.

red: dress | shorts | shoes | clutch | sunglasses | necklace
white: dress | necklace | sandals | earrings | shirt
blue: swimsuit | peplum top | dress | belt | coin purse | earrings

a few things to note: first, when i found those red sunglasses, my eyes just sorta glazed over the $400-plus price tag. don't spend that much. these are cute, too

also, that bikini top is cute, but i don't advise wearing that to a nats game. ;)

_ _ _

get your sparklers ready. the summer seems to go by super fast and the fourth will be here before you know it. 

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