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spell check

awaiting this opening
at brunch
at home 
at sundevich (well, outside of it anyways)

no matter how long it's been since elementary school, i still find myself saying "feb-bruuuu-ary" in my head when i write it down. it's just one of those words for me. i have to think about it every time. 

method is another problem word for me. i sing this every time i type it.

_ _ _

i had a good weekend. it went by so fast but i guess i say that all the time.

of all the months, february is my least favorite. but only three months separate it from my favorite month so there's something.

here's to a new week in the shortest month. 


  1. I have to say "Wed-nes-day" and "con-science" out loud. Did you like Kangaroo Boxing Club? Love their mac and cheese!

  2. hahah yes! con-science is a good one.

    and we didn't end up going there. we had planned on a 10 am brunch and didn't realize they weren't open for brunch till 11. boo.

  3. how do you sing "method" anyway? I teach my kids about "be-a-u-tiful" and "def-in-it-ley." plus there's a "rat" in separate and when you embarrass yourself you make an "ass" out of yourself. they seem to like that one the best. oh middle school...

  4. i always try to put an extra "a" in it: meathod.