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potw: red

do you know how hard it is to find non-valentine's red cards a few days before the 14th?


since we covered yellow and blue recently, i thought i'd round out the primary colors with red today. 

and i did end up including a valentine. that fox card just made me laugh because while i've seen PLENTY variations on the 'roses are red..." thing, this was a new one.

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i'm in the very slow process of redesigning the blog, and i've chosen to go with a primary color palette for it. those colors have been really speaking to me lately. bright, bold, fun--it's perfect.
_ _ _

i caught this nasty cold and it wiped me out last week and through the weekend. the worst.

i'm starting to feel back to normal today, thankfully.

also. i don't know if there's any fellow GIRLS viewers here, but i really disliked this week's episode. it was basically a monologue with unnecessary-to-the-plot nudity. 

anyways, hope your monday is looking good.

_ _ _

looking for more letterpress goods? check out my press of the week series here. a new potw is posted (almost) every monday. but you can always find the latest by following me on twitter

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