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spring things

but i'm the kind of person who is always excited about something in dc. 

so here's just some of what i'm looking forward to this spring. 

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2. steak and ice. the taylor sub guys are already killing it with their original stores, but i haven't tried their cheesesteaks yet. i have a feeling they won't disappoint. (mmmmmm. cheeeese.)

3. going to see the cherry blossoms during off-peak hours. i have a former boss who would go every year at dawn with her husband. they'd bring some breakfast to share and just enjoy the view. romantic, right? no crowds, no noise, no problems.

4. checking out ambar. their food looks incredible and i can't wait to go.

5. the arrival of a nordstrom rack downtown. bring on the deals. 

_ _ _

man, i love this town.

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