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love for the city: rowhouses, part I

continuing with the 'love for the city' series

_ _ _

if there's one thing about dc that i would ever consider labeling my favorite, this is it. 

the rowhouses.

every neighborhood has them, each with their own style. even on a single block where the houses are all designed the same, each will have their own personality with different paint colors.

intricate details, bay windows, roof ornaments, masterful cement carvings, painted trim work. i think it's stunning and taking pictures of these beautiful structures never seems to get old to me. 
_ _ _

i took most of these in the early fall. as i started to edit them, i realized i needed to make this a multi-part series. 

there's just too much goodness to share.

so here's part I. i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed taking these pics.

stay tuned for part II.


  1. loooove it. i really wish i lived in one of these instead of a stupid apartment building

  2. love the rowhouse pics. there are so many beautiful buildings in your city. i will never get tired of looking at your pictures.