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crunchy apple slaw

the other day, i had a chopped moment.

the boy and i had these little fish nuggets we'd planned to use for tacos, but we didn't have any slaw. i like some crunch with my tacos.

i'd made my own slaw using cabbage before, but cabbage isn't an ingredient we usually have laying around. all we had was some iceberg so i decided to use that as a substitute.

turns out? 

this is my new favorite cole slaw.

crunchy, tangy, bright with a little bit of heat.

and because it has apples in it, you KNOW i added acid. the next time you find yourself with some unadorned fish tacos or a desire to add some mayo-free slaw to your pulled pork sandwich, try this recipe.

admittedly, i'm still getting used to owning a food processor. we got one as a wedding present, and i've been trying to use it more and more. but, as you can see in the picture,  i sliced the apples using the wrong blade. i shoulda used the shredding blade, but it still worked out.

lesson learned for next time.

but this slaw makes a pretty killer addition to anything that needs a little extra crunch. it's also dairy-free and vegan.

i was so happy we were able to use that leftover lettuce in a new way. and because there's just two of us, i only used half a head and half an apple. but doubling the recipe would also work if you have a crowd. 

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