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now boarding all rows

i travel a lot.

in 2012, i think i traveled more than any other year. 

and as much as i hate unpacking after a trip (isn't it awful?), i actually love packing (psst: roll your clothes instead of folding them to maximize suitcase space). 

i haven't done a 'very necessary' post in a while, so i thought i'd share my carry-on essentials.

starting from up top:

scarf: i like to bring a lightweight scarf for chilly airplanes and drafty airports. you never know what the temps are going to be and i hate feeling cold.

comfortable clothes: for me, dresses offer the most comfort when sitting down for a long period of time. you can always find me in a dress when traveling.

socks: if i'm wearing flats or sandals, i always throw a pair of socks in my purse when i'm heading to the airport. there's nothing worse than having to remove your shoes in the security line and walk around that nasty airport floor barefoot. not happening.

a large purse with some structure: something big enough to hold all your essentials. for me, this includes travel reading material, something to snack on, a travel wallet, my precious mascara (can't buy it at CVS if luggage gets lost), toilet seat covers for airplane/airport bathrooms and a jewelry roll that holds all the accessories i'm bringing. i take no chances with my luggage being misplaced and potentially losing these forever.

_ _ _

what are your travel necessities?

_ _ _

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  1. I agree with your jewelry-in-carry-on-always rule. I try to avoid checking a bag whenever possible, but you never know when your plane is going to be full and they make you gate-check your suitcase (worst), so if I'm going to the beach I always put a swimsuit in my carry-on (just in case!). My other essentials: Chapstick, hand sanitizer (airplane bathrooms, blech), headphones and music to shut out an annoying seat neighbor, and ginger chews (found at Whole Foods) are great if you tend to get a little motion-sick.

  2. Hold everything bag is key - I finally got a good one last year and I don't know how I survived up until then without it! My plane travel necessities are primarily cosmetics and my computer (not too exciting, I know).

  3. good tip about the swimsuit, virginia! and i can't believe i forgot to put my iphone and my trusty burt's bees on here. but i guess i always have those things with me.

    and E: yes! cosmetics are always nice to bring on board with you.