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neon + neutral

lately, one of my favorite things has been pairing a bright, in-you-face fluorescent with an unassuming neutral.

and it's kind of popping up everywhere...

akris via bergdorf goodman
camilla and marc via net-a-porter

via matthew williamson

but as much as i would die to own one (call me, matthew!) these fabulous looks are sorta totally out of my reach.

never fear.

here are a some more budget-minded ways of rocking these seemingly strange bedfellows

i have that michael kors bag in an off-white shade. but that green one is sooo cool looking.

via the gap

i also appreciate this scarf. i love what the hint of neon does to an otherwise basic piece.
_ _ _

looking for other ways to make this pairing work?

here's what etsy has to offer:

via PALEOLOCHIC on etsy

i'm so sad this pillow has already sold. because i would have given it a very lovely home. but this one is still available, and i love the pattern.

via PALEOLOCHIC on etsy

or why not incorporate this ampersand design as part of a wall collage?

it also would make a fun addition to a bookshelf. i tend to store a few tchotchkes and framed items among my books and i like the idea of adding this one.

the contrast in colors and texture just really work here.

via ampersand design studio on etsy

or, are you going on a trip soon?

via fellowfellow on etsy

this handy travel wallet will hold all of your travel documents in one place. 

totally feeling the abstract pattern too.

_ _ _

looking forward to seeing more of this cool color combo in the spring and beyond.

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