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potw: subtle sweetness

do you celebrate valentine's day?

the boy + i aren't really big into it, but i can appreciate setting aside some time to tell him (+ others i love) how much they mean to me.

here are some of my favorite ways to send the love with only a *pinch* of saccharine.

_ _ _

simple design + deep impressions. always a win.

from PRINTandGRAIN (also: logo crush!)

 love the smart, clean look on this one

from maida vale
got a paper lover in your life? they'll dig this.

from papillon press
this one comes with a red envelope! adorable.

from steel petal press
how about this card for the heat enthusiast?

from printerette press
these arrows are pretty darling, don't you agree?

from missive
this one's perfect for that person who makes you better. we all have someone who matches that description.

via escargot studio on felt&wire

any animal lover would get a kick out of this. (different breeds available, too!)

from pistachio press

or maybe, you'd like to send one with a saucy message inside.

(visit their shop to view inside)
from sapling press
or, here's something different: red paper. it just says 'pow!'

from greenbird press
and don't forget your friends! love them too!

from wiley valentine
i love this friend card even more since my college bff + i have called each other 'friend' for years.


but real quick, before we finish, i have to share this one from snow & graham. so cute.
_ _ _

don't feel like sending a card + want something more permanent? try this gorgeous print on for size.

via FPO + underconsideration | beautifully printed by bespoke
_ _ _

there's still plenty of time to pop one of these in the mail and make someone feel special. or just slip it under your special someone's pillow for a sweet surprise on feb 14.

have fun, lovebirds!

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