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potw: well

the boy and i have a sick lucydog on our hands.

she hurt her leg last week, and although we took her to the vet and got some medication, she has not shown much improvement and it's a bit heartbreaking.

our sick girl :(

lucy can't read (shocking, i know), but if she could, i'd send her this cute little get well card from sapling press.

img via sapling press

or maybe this one by printerette press.

img via printerette press (again. i featured this shop last week.)

this one from arbor corner studio might be the most appropriate though

images via arbor corner studio

i love the dog on the card. 
and as an added incentive, all proceeds from the sale of this card go directly to help pay for vet bills for the shop owner's pup, finch.


and to any of you humans out there currently under the weather with a winter cold, i hope you find yourself feeling better soon as well.

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