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potw: thankful

"you give me a gift? BAM! thank you note. you invite me somewhere? POW! rsvp. you do me a favor? WHAM! favor returned. do not test my politeness."
--andy bernard, the office
_ _ _

growing up, my mom used to make us write thank you notes to our relatives before we could go play with our new stuff on christmas. she's a stickler for politeness, just like our friend andy up there.

so today i wanted to feature a few pretty little letterpressed thank you cards to make this exercise in politeness feel like less of an obligation.

via hammerpress
tella press via felt & wire shop
via anemone press
via printerette press (sold already!)
via printerette press (still available!)
also via anemone press
via fine day press
_ _ _

there are loads more out there of course. this is just a small sampling. and although i didn't meet my mom's deadline this year, sending out personal notes of thanks is a perfect way to close the holiday loop + tell people how much you really did love that sweater they got you.

may be the perfect time to use these, too.

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