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shoe me

last weekend, i decided to use some of the gift cards i received over the holidays. so the boy and i found ourselves strolling around friendship heights and we eventually wound up at the gap.

and idk what's going on with them lately, but it was a goldmine of cuteness.

_ _ _


i now own both of these shoes, and i can't stop wearing them.

the flats are super fun. i love the cut. very foot flattering.

i'd also been looking for a short, black, flat bootie (since i already have these) and this pair has it all: warmth, comfort, cuteness. 

oh yeah

it looks like they only have the boot in camel online, but i could see that color working out nicely, too. 

here are some others i like

via couldawouldapica on polyvore
_ _ _

and since i had a decent-sized gift card (thanks, future mother-in-law!)to use, i also walked away with this and this

both of which have stripes (!) and a modern boxy cut. (although the picture makes the sweater look more form fitting; it's not.)

_ _ _

have you struck gold anywhere lately? 

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