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new addition

via tad carpenter

i've been feeling especially grateful for the people in my life, for the people with whom i share my home.

then, i saw this last week

thought about it over the weekend

decided it needed to come home with me. 

to live. 


the print was created by tad carpenter, whose work can only be described as freaking r-a-d

seriously. i'm blown away by his illustrations.

_ _ _


tad + his wife jessica's home was featured on design*sponge a while back. just a sampling below.

via design*sponge

i love the eclectic feel of the place.

the boy and i have been scouring the plentiful georgia ave antique/thrift stores lately.

i gotta post some of my finds. it's been so fun digging for treasure.

we've only been in our new home for five months. it's a work in progress. 

but that's all part of the fun.

_ _ _

like what you see on tad's site? 

buy something. it'll be awesome!

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