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it's just about lunch time. 

let's talk sandwiches.
pic by me

the boy and i went here a few weekends back. we wanted to check out something new + this place delivered. 

i don't know another place in dc quite like it.

pic by me

i mentioned it's in an alley, right?

via google maps

so once we found the place, it was time to decide what to eat. 

i can be somewhat indecisive when it comes to new menus. not because i'm a picky eater, but because the opposite is true: i want to try everything.

pic by me

eventually though, i chose the buenos aires [skirt steak, chimichuri, red caramelized onions] + the boy tried the athens [lamb, lettuce, tomato, red onion, tzatziki]

after we ordered, we ended up swapping. i liked his better/he liked mine. love it when that works out, don't you?

pic by me | buenos aires by sundevich

the sandwiches were freaking massive. srsly, they're like a foot long. you can kiiinda see in that picture up there where it's cut in half. 

yeah. huge.

i think two people could easily split one. the baguette they use could probably be a little less chewy (my jaw was getting tired by the end!), but the meats were seasoned nicely. it would also be nice to see some more drink options here (maybe some tea?), but i was ok with my perrier.

pic by me | athens by sundevich

as a side order, we got this potato salad. it had a nice, somewhat unexpected, curry flavor to it. but i probably ate two bites. 

so stuffed.

pic by me | potato salad by sundevich


it wasn't packed in there.

in terms of seating, there are a few high-top/family-style tables. it's pretty small on the inside, but i enjoyed their cozy little set up. you can see them preparing your food too, which i think is kinda cool.

pic by me | our table at sundevich

but one of the best things about sundevich? 

this excerpt from their site:

"as much as possible, we hope to utilize local farmers and producers in our immediate backyard. by supporting local agriculture and businesses, we hope to bring recognition to their efforts by showcasing their products."

if you're looking for something a little different than traditional sandwich shop offerings (turkey + swiss? please.), check out sundevich.

i know i'll be back.

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