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falling for

fall's not my favorite.

\grumble grumble\

but with each new season, however dreadful the weather, comes an opportunity to shop.

gotta love that at least

by couldawoudapica via polyvore

at any given point i need want a ton of new fashions.

but here's what i'm most excited about for fall.

1. new work blouses. i've had it with cardigans. love em, but i'm trying to switch it up.

2. bold necklaces. i bought this one recently. it's made me hungry for more.

3. new work flats. this too-chilly-for-early-september weather has forced me to bust out my 2010 models. upgrades are definitely needed. 

4.chambray! i've held off long enough.

5. post/stud earrings. especially in gold. the ones i wear every other day are getting a little tired.

6. boots. in multiple heights. i've had riding boots for a couple of seasons. but i'm excited to try out these new hiker/doc marten-y brown ones.


  1. A chambray shirt is on my fall shopping list too - I think it will be a good combo with black skinnies (and boots, of course :) ).