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making the most

i love shopping

but as much as i'd like to be able to buy something new all the time, the funds just aren't always there.

[really, mortgage? i guess you come first]

so how do i satisfy my need for new + keep the bill collectors at bay?

wear a dress as a shirt.
_ _ _

here's my method:
take a dress made from somewhat thin material (don't want any wrinkly butts, right?)

my beloved mechanics of style dress by modcloth 

pop a skirt over 

sparkle + fade skirt by UO | no longer in stores :/

(add a belt if you like. i almost always do)

luxurious bathroom photo shoot | swear i'm not bald

and that's it!

i do this all the time. i have a lot of dresses that are ok for the weekend, but would be kinda pushing it in an office setting. 

it's an easy way to get a whole new outfit that didn't cost a thing! and i just have so much love for repurposing items in my closet.

look out now!

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