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winding down

september 22 is officially the first day of fall. so we have just over a month left with summer.

the recent cooler weather has kinda thrown me off my game. i've lived in the area for nearly a decade and can't remember the last time it was even remotely cool in august.  

i have mixed feelings about this: it's amazing to not be drenched in sweat after walking a block or two, but i kinda miss the hot days. 

i'm in no rush to start wearing jackets, scarves and boots. sure, it's fun to get all bundled up and cozy. but i don't want to start doing that too soon because next thing you know, it's march and we've been stuck in our fall/winter uniforms for six-plus months.

so i'm hoping for a warm september. i can wait until later for the boots and such. 

out for a walk with lucy 
a delicious ice cream treat from here
lucy knows what's up

hope your weekend was nice. we put the crib together and the rocking chair comes this friday.

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