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extra large

i've mentioned here how i prefer larger stud/post earrings instead of dainty ones.

turns out, even the ones i had in that post weren't large enough for my taste. i blame extremely deceptive imagery on their website. on the model's ears, they look huge. but in person, they're barely a half inch. 


either way, i'm still loving big, bold studs and these are some of my favorites. they all happen to be in the same gold, grey-ish and white color palette, but that's just by coincidence.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

i also couldn't find the measurements for two of the asos pair, but they appear to be larger than normal. so if you're really set on having gigantic earrings, i'd buy these with caution so you don't make the same mistake i did. 

and if those diamond earrings were around when i got married, they woulda been my wedding day pair (i wore these if you're curious.) 

just gorgeous. 


  1. It totally looks like that initial pair you bought was photoshopped on there! Lame!

  2. i know! i thought that even if they photoshopped it, it would be the correct size. but they're SO MUCH SMALLER in person. grr.

  3. which is why i should have read how big the actual dimensions were, i guess. whoops.