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home sweet home

claudia pearson | ugmonk | ampersand design studio | three potato four vintage sign
ork posters | urban outfitters print no longer being sold

hatch show print
the calm gallery
tad carpenter | james weaver
ikea | ikea frame

just a few shots of the art on our first floor living/dining room/kitchen area.

i'd say that this is the area that's the most complete, and we're pretty happy with it for the moment. it's always a work in progress.

_ _ _

the polaroid collage is the one thing that's not on the first floor. that's in the basement. we put it together last weekend. at the wedding, we used polaroids for our guestbook and had all these great candid images with personal messages we wanted to display. and now we can look at them whenever we're down there, which is pretty often. i like how it turned out.