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i'm not into sci-fi. i've never seen star wars. that's just never been an area of interest to me. 

so when nanette lepore sent her models down the runway wearing these shiny, metallic, futuristic pieces, i wasn't sure what to think.

to tell you the truth, i'm still not sure what i think. but, clothing and accessory trends have surprised me in the past and i'm always willing to give things a chance. even if they seem a little...out there at first. ha.

dress | ipad case | clutch | watch | pouch | polish | necklace | flats

the easiest way to dive into this style is to pretty up your finger nails with some space-age polish. i think for me, i'd be most likely to wear that watch. and maybe that dress if i had the right occasion.

i can't decide if this is totally tacky or kinda fun but i like to see new things in the fashion world.

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