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puff puff

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a while back, i did a very necessary post about jackets. now that it's (kind of?) cooler out, i wanted to sing the praises of the belted puffer coat once again. 

here's three reasons why they rule:

i drive to work these days. but for years, i took metro. i've also been a bus rider. when it comes down to really staying toasty and dry on the commute, a puffer jacket wins out over wool every time. 

i love my wool coats, but i'm glad retailers are making these belted weatherproof varieties. because as warm as puffers are, they can be really shapeless and sad looking when there's no definition at the waist. 

oh. and also:

if cold weather ever comes to dc, you can bet i'll be wearing one. 

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  1. My mom got me the belted puffer coat from J.Crew before I moved to the area in November and it's been a life saver. And it's so nice to not feel like a giant marshmallow while you're warm!

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