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cut up

my big butcher block cutting board is possibly my most frequently used item in the kitchen.

i use it almost daily. 

there are some beautifully crafted wooden cutting boards out there right now, and i wanted to highlight two of them. first up, herriott grace.

if you want to read more about the father/daughter team behind these one-of-a-kind pieces, i'll refer you to their site (it's a cute story).

their products (and the photography) are amazing, but they tend to sell out quickly so you need to act fast. rolling pins, spoons, wooden knives and other kitchen basics are also available. i love browsing their inventory.
_ _ _

next up, we have a. heirloom cutting boards. these would make a nice housewarming gift or wedding present, especially for friends with a lot of state pride.  

_ _ _

if the idea of giving something practical appeals to you, check these places out. and then make your friends invite you over for wine and cheese. ;) 

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