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skin care

 i've never had awesome skin. it's not bad, but it's not the best either.

like most people, i've tried a lot of things over the years: face washes, creams, masks.

and not once have i ever truly noticed a difference. i figured that's the way it was gonna be with skin products. they never really made my skin worse, but it's not like i ever looked in the mirror and saw a visible improvement.
_ _ _

last year, i was introduced to one love organics and josie maran products, and i was prepared to be underwhelmed. another run-of-the-mill product that really doesn't do anything except rid me of the guilt i feel for NOT washing my face.

but let me tell you: these work. and almost immediately.

it's taken me a long time to want to write a review of these products. i wanted to make sure it wasn't just a fluke. a happy accident of a few breakout-free days combined with still being in the honeymoon phase with a new product. 

but nope.

one year later and they're still awesome.

i had somewhat uneven skin on my forehead (got that, internet?). nothing too noticeable, but i was always a little self-conscious about it. and i'd pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this was how my skin was going to be, that this was the best i could do, dammit.

but - i bullshit you not - my skin cleared up within two days of using the argan oil. two days! it was all i could do to keep myself from constantly stroking my skin like a weirdo. so freaking smooth.

i was also quite skeptical of putting oil on my already somewhat oily skin, but i was a fool for worrying about that. those oils have changed my whole perspective on skincare. i'll never go back.

_ _ _

below are some of my favorite products from these two fine retailers. i don't use them all on a daily basis, but that josie maran cleansing oil and the one love organics skin savior have made it to the once-a-day rotation. and the fact that the skin savior smells eerily similar to an orange julius is a fun touch.

the other products shown here are amazing too. and you can use the argan oil as a flyaway hair smoother and cuticle oil. i love a hard-working product, don't you?
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and it's funny: i never really considered using organic products on my skin, but now i see no reason to go back. who needs all those chemicals anyways? it's nice to be able to look at the ingredient list and actually understand what's in there.

if you're not ready to commit to buying the full-sized versions of these products, i don't blame you. i wasn't either. i bought this little trial/travel pack at first, just to make sure it was worth it.

still not convinced? 

check out the reader feedback underneath the product description. here's what people are saying about the argan cleansing oil. it's overwhelmingly positive.

_ _ _

i'm not really big on product reviews or glowing recommendations. but this one was too good to keep to myself. it's given me the best skin of my life. and that's sayin something.


  1. I've started make the switch to organic skincare too (replacing my old non-organic products as they run out). I really like the cleanser and peel from Juice Beauty, but I'm not wild about the moisturizer - I think I'll give one love a try!

  2. awesome! i really do love it. and i'll have to look into juice beauty!