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bring it on

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2013 is looking pretty awesome for food lovers in dc. 

it would be almost impossible to list all of ways my tastebuds are in for a treat in the new year. there's old favorites to visit, new places to try. i can't wait.

but to make this list manageable, i present to you my top five things i'm most excited about (food wise!) for the new year. 

1. a freaking donut (and fried chicken!) shop in dc. a legit one. dc's needed this for so long. 

2. bryan voltaggio's new friendship heights restaurant, range. want to see beautiful pictures of the space and the food? the president wears prada has an outstanding (and mouthwatering!) recap here.

3. the dgs delicatessen. another thing that dc's been lacking. thanks for stepping in there, guys. (anyone tried their vodka-spiked coffee yet?)

4.  going back to union market. i went a few months ago when it was still somewhat of a work in progress. i'm excited to go more frequently in 2013.

5. i have pearl dive's logo up there, but the fifth thing i'm excited about is going back to tried and true places, and for me, this includes pearl dive. their catfish po' boy may hold the title of best thing i ate all year. i had some pretty outstanding meals here, here and here also. excited to see what they've got in the works next year.

_ _ _

dc's an awesome place for food lovers, isn't it? so happy to live here. 

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  1. Great list! Can't wait to try Range and DGS, and the oyster place in Union Market (we've only had coffee there). I'm also excited about A&D, owned by the Seasonal Pantry/Sundevich peeps.