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extra day

my love of the brooch continues into 2012 | last worn here
early friday morning 
friday afternoon
still buying mascara from across the pond
dogsitting | lucy has a friend
meet ledo the pug
still addicted to standard
and their corn | try my homemade version
"just act cool, ledo. she'll give us some bacon."
still loving this packaging from here
cleaned the whole house yesterday | from our guest bathroom
riding around town

for those of you who had yesterday off, i hope you enjoyed the extra time. 

we had a lot going on this weekend: babysitting on friday, watching a pug for a friend, running errands, cleaning the house from top to bottom.

i love that feeling of a clean house. especially when you have the time to really get in there and tend to the gross places that really need attention (behind the toilet, under the fridge, ceiling fan blades. gross.)

i mentioned last week that were were going to boston for the long weekend, but we decided to push that trip back until next month - better for everyone involved. can't wait to see boston in the fall again.

hope your days were awesome. 

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