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jewels on a plane

a few days ago, i was running late and completely forgot to put on earrings.

i felt naked all day.

i'm a person who always wears accessories. no matter what. and because i travel somewhat frequently, i need to bring my jewelry with me. 

a few years ago, my sister got me a foldable jewelry case as a gift. at the time, i'd never used one before, and usually stuffed my rings, bracelets and earrings into a not-currently-being-used makeup bag. but i've come to really love the case my sister got me; i use it all the time when i travel.

here's a few more that i like:

to purchase: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

most of these roll-up cases are made from leather or cloth and lined with suede. and they all have nice compartments for sorting and organizing your travel jewelry needs.  this case and this one here are also a little cheaper.

i should also mention that if i'm traveling by plane and need to check some luggage, i always throw my jewelry case in my purse or with some other carry-on items. luggage gets lost, things happen, and your jewelry collection is usually something that's been slowly accumulating over many, many years. i don't want to risk losing pieces -- some of great sentimental value -- by shoving my jewelry in a suitcase.

just be smart. carry it on. 

and enjoy your trip!

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