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how to: boutonniere

making your own boutonnieres is quick + easy. and it's one of those things where once you know the basic method, there are no limits to what you can create. 

_ _ _

you'll need a few things before diving in:

a few bunches of whatever type of flower, berry or herb you're planning to use

floral tape

floral shears

floral pin

some type of fabric (ribbon, twine) to cover the floral tape

_ _ _

start by getting a single stem of whatever you're going to be using (step 1).

separate out all the branches (step 2), and remove the excess leaves (step 3).

get your additional supplies ready (step 4) and gather a few individual clusters together and, using the floral shears, cut it to a length that looks good to you (step 5).

holding the bunch very tightly, slowly wrap with floral tape (step 6).

cover the floral tape (step 7). i used twine.

here's the step-by-step with pictures:

with the help of some bridesmaids, we made these the morning of the wedding and it was no sweat. and when it was time to pin these on the groomsmen, i used the little floral pin shown in step 4.

the good thing is you can make boutonnieres with pretty much anything you like. other natural elements such as feathers, herbs (rosemary and thyme look great), wheat stalks, leaves, or flowers would also work well here.

if you're planning to do this for a wedding, this is a great way to personalize. i used twine here since we got married at eastern market and i was going for that whole "brown paper packages tied up with string" feel. but if you have colors or a theme, this is a good way to tie that in to the rest of the decor.

have fun with it. you'll make something awesome. i just know it.

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