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sunny october

i love driving around town this time of year. i happen to think dc's always beautiful, but with these stunning blue skies and leaves in every shade fall has to offer, it's almost not fair.

you're just showing off now, dc.

but seriously, the weather this weekend was incredible. and i was happy to be outside enjoying it.

big yellow tree by my office, friday afternoon 
k street, colorful trees
park sign + mirrored building downtown
early saturday morning 
sunday afternoon on pennsylvania ave. looking pretty perfect
waiting to get our segway on
hey canada
safety first!
lincoln columns 
two monuments in one
a statue behind the sun always looks dramatic 
just enjoying the day

if you've never been on a segway tour, i can't tell you how much fun it is. my first experience with a segway was a few years ago. i had a friend coming to town who wanted to try it, and i, somewhat begrudgingly, agreed to go ("that is SUPER tourist," i thought). but i had the best time. those things go fast! 

so when she came back to visit a second time, we brought our dudes along with us and it was just as fun as we remembered. 

there was a groupon for bike & roll a few months back, making yesterday's outing  with some other good friends of ours much more affordable.

seriously, it's a blast. if you're looking to do something fun with out-of-town guests (can you imagine how long it would actually take to WALK from the library of congress to the lincoln memorial?)or maybe you just wanna take a day to remember how gorgeous our city is, do the segway thing. 

and happy monday!

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