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we go together

to be perfectly honest, it's a bit early to be thinking about coats.

but around this time of year, when fall is just around the corner and summer's coming to a close, i get the itch to go on a internet-fueled coat hunt.

i'm not adding anything to my cart quite yet, but in august and september, i like to start looking around online. 

_ _ _

winter is my least favorite season. i hate being cold, even temporarily.

and usually, by the time it's march, the sight of my winter coat makes me insane. i'm sick of looking at it. i'm sick of it being the constant in every outfit. but winter's not going anywhere. and i've found that if you look for coats that go beyond basic colors or that have interesting shape or details, it's a bit more bearable to wear almost daily for three months. 
_ _ _

last year, when i started adding my grandmother's brooch to my outerwear, i loved it. it's such an interesting, not overdone way to personalize a coat that thousands of other women will own. 

right now, i have two coats that are in heavy rotation -- one cobalt, one navy with some pretty details. i didn't buy one last year, and it's probably time for a new one. 

so i thought i'd share my coat hunting results. and to switch it up from last year, i've added some pretty brooch pairings.

all sets available here

again, i probably won't buy anything yet, but it helps me to look early. to organize my thoughts.

i'm also inclined to spend a bit more money on coats since you wear them so frequently and the elements can be harsh on fabric.

you don't need to spend a lot on brooches though. most antique stores have loads of them and they're usually not expensive.

_ _ _

adding a brooch or pin just helps these already unique coats stand even more.

that winter skin and static electricity? 

i can't help you with that.

that's between you and the old man himself.

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