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have you bought anything for fall yet?

i'm holding out, mostly because i'm on a self-imposed shopping hiatus at the moment. i have no money coupled with an impulsive nature when shopping: quite a dangerous cocktail. but since i'm not shopping, i've started looking through my wardrobe, assessing what i have (more pencil skirts than i can count) and what needs a refresh (my three-seasons-old riding boots).

whenever i'm taking inventory of what i already own, i also like to edit, taking stock of what i'm currently wearing and what's been stuck on the hanger for most of its life. i mean, i love getting rid of old stuff you never wear. it's just taking up space anyways.

anyways, the point is that looking through my clothes got me thinking about neutrals -- grey, white, navy, camel, olive -- and maximizing what's in our closets.

we all own those, right? 
a black skirt?
a grey pant?
awesome. of course you do.

with that in mind, here are some of my favorite color combinations when working with these staples.

all sets by couldawouldapica on polyvore

and this is only the beginning. olive looks amazing with stripes. white? pairs with almost anything.  

i like to work in contrasts: if i'm wearing mostly cooler tones (blues, greens), i'll try to add something from the opposite end of the color spectrum. something with a warmer hue like red, yellow, or orange. i find that it's a good rule of thumb. i can get into a good head-to-toe tonal ensemble every once in a while, but most of the time, i'm looking for a combination of warm and cool tones.

if i'm wearing something with a more masculine feel (utility jacket, perhaps), i like to pair it with a soft, flowing fabric or incorporate some sparkle or lace. helps balance things out.

_ _ _

one thing to keep in mind when test driving color combinations: you're free to experiment. no one can see the "mistakes" you make when you're trying out outfits in your room so be bold with it. 

you may just find some new ways to love your old neutrals after all. 

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