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buying basics

the way i see it, most everyone needs wardrobe staples. the fundamentals of a professional closet and whatnot.

but today, instead of talking about it, i thought i'd share a visual about my approach to shopping for these pieces.

you know, the purchases that aren't necessarily the sexy, exciting ones, but the practical everyday stuff we all need.

so let's start out with possibly the most basic piece out there: black flats.

and here's the way i go about it:

on the left side, we have options in a few different styles.

on the right, i attempted to visualize what i mean when i say 'look for something that makes it unique'.

is it studs and a hot pink sole? an understated chain detail? a structured bow? a little patent toe detail?

find something about the item that makes it special and run with it. it might take a little longer to find, but if it's something you'll be wearing a lot, it's worth the effort.

we all need the bare bones essentials for work and life, but seeking out those little details makes all the difference. and makes you even more fabulous.

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