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i found it, part II

sometimes, you're looking for something specific online. and sometimes, you just wanna shop.

for part II of this series, i wanted to share my favorite online retailers and some pros and cons for each. these aren't the only places i like, of course. but over the years, these have become my staples. 

they've been fantastic for slowly building a professional, adult wardrobe. because that's not something that happens overnight. and the number one reason i keep coming back to these places is that they have unique items at fair prices. and everyone loves pieces that help you stand out from the crowd. 

so let's dive in:

let's start with asos, a UK-based retailer. i love browsing through their giant inventory. two of my favorite peplum tops are from here. their accessories are also cheap and fun, but shipping can take a while.

next up, we have fred flare. a brooklyn-based store with both men and women's clothing. come holiday season, this is my go-to gift place for office parties with the under-twenty-dollar requirement.* i also buy cheap sunglasses here. is also a good place for gifts. if you need an invite, click here.

gilt groupe. i don't know too many people who aren't already members at this point, but if you're in need of an invite, here's the link.

it's fun being able to mix in higher-end pieces with your regular, more affordable clothes and accessories.

you really can't go wrong with piperlime. there's always cute things at every price point imaginable. and free shipping and returns always win in my book.

topshop is also based outside of the united states, so shipping tends to take a while and returns can be a bit of a pain. but i love their clothes, even if the quality is such that it'll probably only last a few seasons, the prices make up for it. just a word of caution: since returning is such a hassle, just be very certain about your purchases. this probably isn't the place to go when you're on the fence about an item.

ah, zara. of all the places on this list, you're most likely to be accidental twins with a stranger if you get something here, but i don't really mind that. in fact, i find it interesting to see how the same item can look when styled by two different people. the sizes run small here, but i almost always end up taking something home.

j.crew, anthropologie, madewell, urban outfitters and bluefly are also good bets. just shop the sales if you can. 

and if there's somewhere you love and it's not listed here, tell me! i love finding new places to shop.
_ _ _

*my office does the horrible gag gift thing. i might stick with fab or uncommon goods if you're looking for a more practical gift.

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